1980 Cafe Racer Moped

Vintage Moped Pacer


I have been after this bike for almost a year now.  The first time I saw I wanted to make it into a Cafe Racer Moped so bad! The guy was introduced to me by a mutual friend.  He had a Batavus Top Tank Moped, another old Step through and this 1978 Pacer Super Sport with 380 miles on it. He was on an off for selling them for months so I just had to sit and wait, and wait.  Luckily I  got a text last Saturday and he said he was ready to sell! I was out the door in less than an hour with a huge smile from ear to ear. My wheels in my head were turning just as fast as the trucks on the way to his place.  I couldn’t wait to get home and start shopping on Treatland


  I was all mostly all original when I picked up it up last week. See the picture below.


So I got my order from Treats this week and got busy swapping parts and pounding some beers. IF you are new to the hobby of small cc Mopeds and Scoots Treatland.tv is the place for best for parts anywhere. They are cool dudes and give great service. Shipping sucks for me because I am in South Kakalaki  so I have to wait a week for Ground.  I hate having to be patient…..anyway I added my new Clubman bars complete with bar end mirror, a new Chrome Headlight Bucket, The phatty whitewalls and did some other stuff. The whitewall I got for the rear is 16 x 2.75 it barley fits onto the swingarm. I also had to bend the exhaust bracket out of the way to clear the tire rotation. So I may have to do some more tweaks but damn those tires look cool.   I am going to start next with a pipe an upgraded carb.  I try to do most of these keeping the 5occ motor so the cops don’t bust balls. South Carolina especially in my town of Pawleys Island are pretty cool. Usually if it has pedals and it doesn’t sound absurdly loud they leave you alone. Anyway I will continue to update this post as the project evolves.


Here is a link to the Cafe Pacer Garage on 1977 Mopeds