Custom 50cc Mopeds

Old Skool Mopeds is a place to appreciate both the original design of the Moped manufacturer. But also seeing the potential of an old rusty barn find and turning into a bad ass Cafe Racer.  I love creating something unique from someone else’s junk.  We have chosen the always under appreciated Moped as our platform. Old Skool builds Custom 50cc Mopeds that let you scoot around in style. These little gas sippers can get you over 100 miles to gallon and get you were you need to go, efficiently. You can roll out at about 30 miles an hour or more on most stock set ups. And of course there are always lots of  Treats available from our friends to make them really fly!  I think these classics will make a come back in the next few years. Vintage is in kids. A Custom 50cc moped is fun for all ages!


1980 “Cafe Pacer” Custom 50cc Moped

  • Franco Morini 50cc                                                                                       
  • Stock Intake 
  • Stock Carb
  • 16×2.25 Front Tire
  • 16×2.75 Rear Tire

Bad ass Moped

 Italian Cafe Racer Moped



 1980 Cafe Racer Moped Franco Morini Custom 50cc Moped




 1980 Murray Custom 50cc Moped “Widow”  

Pedal Motorbikes and Scooters

  • Puch e50 
  • Stock Intake
  • Stock Carb
  • “Jammy” Jamarcol pipe (not pictured)
  • 17 x2.50 Front Tire
  • 17 x2.75 Rear Tire















We have lots more projects coming down the line in 2013.  Please keep checking back on Facebook and here on the blog. Also we are always looking for other builders to share pics and stories of their projects.  
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